​​​​​Q: When and where does Rep Your Act take place?

     A: Stay tuned to find out Next Year's date & place!

Q: What are the benefits of registering for Rep Your Act?
A: All actors registering for Rep Your Act will create unforgettable memories with their fellow actors. Rep Your Act aims to place actors in front of directors, producers, casting directors and more.

Q: What does the competition entail?
A: ​Rep Your Act will consist of Monologues (must provide your own monologue), Improv, Scene Work, and Interviews

Q: How do I register?   
     A:​ Registration has ended for this year's competition. We look forward to seeing you next year. 

Q: Who do I contact if I have other questions or need additional information?   

     A:​ You can contact us at: repyouract@gmail.com